Trauma parts Re-integration Therapy

Face-to-face Consultation:


Aim of every consult is to assess and re-aases your problem, challenges and obstakels. Every time you set a step forward and you find new solutions and new strengths by using your inner creativity and activating your inner healing powers. The number of consults depends on your own personal growth aims.

Right form first cosult you experience grip on your problemen.


Online Consultation:


Online consultaions are very effectief and therapist can impliment a lot of tools online.  Many therapy techniekes can also be implimented online. These consultations offer you solutions if you are living far away or you experience limitations in travelling.


You get a zoomlink after planning online session. We have special attention for your privacy. We give you advice to sit at a safe place in your house where you can talk easily about your problems.


The aim of the consultation is to evaluate, understand and transform your wounds, challenges, and obstacles into your strengths. Every time you set a step forward. You look for new solutions. You build new strengths and you activate your inner healing powers.   

PS: If you have paid, please send an SMS to telefoon nummer:0031644321873.and you will get an appointment within a week.


You cannot always prevent an employee from dropping out. What you can prevent is that the psychological absence lasts too long. For this it is necessary that you call in professional help in time. You not only ensure that your employee recovers faster, but also that the costs are lower: a win-win situation!

trajects  for long lasting effects


1 in 5 employees suffer from work-related psychological problems, such as stress, burnout, feelings of depression or anxiety. The sooner you identify psychological or psychosomatic complaints among employees, the better. This shortens the duration of the absence. Moreover, timely intervention ensures that the situation does not worsen. Signals that you can watch out for in your employees are, for example: appear fatigued for longer, an often indifferent attitude, physical complaints where medical examination offers no clarity, lower productivity, often cynical reactions, often being dissatisfied and irritable, call in sick more often.


The average costs for long-term psychological absenteeism (longer than four weeks) amount to € 250 per day. These costs consist of direct wage costs and the costs of occupational health and safety services. Indirect costs such as replacement or loss of production are not included. If you assume an average duration of absence of 180 days, you quickly arrive at € 45,000 in costs per absent employee. That's quite a decent amount.


How much is it?


How much can it cost to have control over your life and your affairs? We understand that transparency about prices is important. The rates for our services for 2024 are as follows:


Intake: 60 minuten:

- Online 100 euro’s

- Face to face 150 euro’s




Plan of treatment  making and explaining: 60 minuten

- Online 100 euro’s

- Face to face 150 euro’s




Trajects for complex psychosomatic problems


Treatment of complex psychosomatic problems occurs in phases. For continuity and effectiveness of the therapy, it is recommended to complete the therapy. After intake, you can choose to go on with individual sessions or to choose a traject. A traject is not only cheaper but it guarantees, that you will get a series of consultations and would not have to wait between the consultations to get your turn again.


- Stabilization traject:

First 3 months, up to a maximum of 12 sessions, 1 session/week + e-learning

Online traject => 1000 euros if paid in advance.

Face to face traject => 1500 euro's if paid in advance

- Tailor-made integrative treatments:

After stablization of psychosomatic problems begins the work of learing different ways of dealing with internal and external challenges. And integrating the new ways of thinking, feeling and doig in live.  This is recommended for at least 3 months. You get up to 12 conversations:

Online traject => 1000 euros if paid in advance.

Face to face traject => 1500 euro's if paid in advance

- Implementation phase with contact only if necessary:

If needed you can plan a follow-up consultations in de implimentation phase. If you have already followed first two phases than you can get extra discount.

- Online 80 euro’s/session

- Face to face 100 euro/sessiom


PS: You may choose to pay online via the links on this page. Or to recieve an invoice per email. As soon as we recieve your payment we contact you and plan an oppintment with you.


Practical issues:

Iqtesa practice provides ambulant healthcare for complex psychosocial issues. However, we can't help people who need acute psychological care and hospital admission. Our methods provide wonderful, long-term results in preventing psychological eergencies and in keeping people stable. We help you by activating your inner healing powers with the help of modern technieques.

You are free to choose for IQTESA practice. You can register with me yourself. You do not need a referral. I work independently. The file will not be shared with anyone without express written permission. I am obliged to protect your data in accordance with the privacy rules of my professional association.

PS: Sessions canceled less than 24 hours before the appointment will be charged.

Depending on your insurance and the additional policy, you may be eligible for reimbursement for the therapy. You can request reimbursement from your health insurer. More information or a current state of affairs can be found on the NFG website or on the RBCZ website.