Hi, my name is Shazia Amer and I created "iqtesa coachin" to help people who want a real change in their lives and they are willing to work on themselves and to improve their vulnerablities. People who want to explore and to build up their hidden qualities and inner powers. Click here to know more about me ....


Moving from Pakistan to the Netherlands and building my identity again was one of the life-turning events for me. For many years I have dreamed and struggled to come to the Netherlands and to live with my husband.

Once in the Netherlands I worked hard to achieve my status as a working professional again. I wish there was some help for me that could have saved my years of physical, mental, and emotional struggles. It is my mission to empower people and to provide necessary tools to everyone who is going though challenging life situations.


Migration is a life-changing event. Willingly or unwillingly you are out of your comfort zone. Leaving your known surroundings and adjusting to a new place brings challenges with it. Adjustments in a different culture at a different place goes in phases. In an ideal situation, you keep the responsibility for your life, your work, and your happiness in your hands and you decide what is good for you and what is not. You determine how you can set your goals and how to achieve them.



After migration, the puzzle gets a bit complicated. Most important is the level of communication with people around you. Sometimes you may need more help to cope with these changes to achieve your goals. You may need some guidance to improve your existing qualities and to gain more skills to be a proud and productive part of your new homeland.


At Iqtesa you learn how to heal yourself by activating your inner healing powers. You achieve success in your health, work, and relationships. You become more self-confident based on love and affection.


Migrant or not, each one of us is born with gifts of body, mind, and spirit. We all need to grow our understanding and awareness to use our gifts optimally. This becomes a process as we are born in very beautiful but extremely vulnerable bodies with very little consciousness of our surroundings. 


In life, we go through many challenges. These challenges effect us in different ways. As we become more conscious, we take control of life in our hands and we do our best to improve the world around us.




Many times you have no idea why you are stuck. It is as if there is something in you that is not working according to your wishes. At this point, you need to take time. You have to see that part of you, heal it, and get it integrated into you so that you may go ahead with all your inner powers and self-confidence.


Sometimes you want to achieve your goals and you know that you can do it but, you can't take action. There is something that is preventing you from achieving your future goals. There might be a very clear reason that you are stuck but there may not be any reason that you can point out. This can be due to unconscious blockage of your energy that is not going in a flow.


If you know what are your trauma parts or the parts that need your attenscchh;;lkkjjhgfdtion and how they are creating difficulties for you then you can work them. Trauma therapy is sometimes the only solution to your problems. It opens doors to new possibilities for you.

Iqtesa provides help in form of conversations, new insights, techniques, tools, and methods to facilitate needed change in you. You discover your internal GPS and you learn to develop and trust your intuition