Help for migrants in the Netherlands

Iqtesa Academy provides you help in the form of: 


- blogs

- You-tube video's

- e-learning / online trainings

- Online consult for complex medical, psychological and social problems

Each one of us is born with gifts of body, mind, and spirit. We all need to grow our understanding and awareness to use our gifts optimaly. This becomes a process as we are born in very beautiful but extremely vulnerable bodies with less consciousness of our surroundings. 

In life, we go through many challenges and these challenges make us or destroy us, in unique ways. As we become more conscious, we take control of life into our own hands.  We must take control of ourselves to improve the world around us.

At Iqtesa you learn how to heal yourself by activating your inner healing powers. You achieve success in your health, work, and relationships with proper guidance. You become more self-confident based on love and affection.

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Dr. Anjana Singh

I followed online hypnotherapy sessions led by Shazia to help me overcome emotional turmoil caused by a burn-out. The sessions were highly effective and I felt better after the first session already.


Shazia's experiences of living and working in the Netherlands as a highly skilled migrant professional helped 'us' in finding a healing path together. I would highly recommend her sessions, knowledge and passion, to those struggling with the numerous aspects of a burn-out.

therapie-bij-verlies en trauma

Mevr. Kulwant Singh

Since 1 year I am under treatment of Dr. Shazia. After ugly traffic accident in 2016 I have to recover from complex physical and mental trauma's. 


I was too much afraid to lose my loved ones. I went to many  psychologists but I could not feel easy with them. 


When I began with Dr. Shazia I felt a deep connection with her. She really understands me. I learned to think differently. I feel much better after the sessions. 

Dr. Areeba Kamran

It was a good experience to work with you. Your motivation en confidence supported me a lot and I learned to learn from failures.


You helped me to broadened my vision about work in Nederland. I learned how to manage study and work along with my family and house chores. Result was that I was not upset and I was not afraid of failure. I always thought my Dutch is sufficient. You are polite and helpful not only to Pakistani people but to others as well.


In this session you get  clearity and grip on your situation. 
If you have paid please send ab sms to:0031644321873 to plan an online appointment.