Since 1995, I am working as a medical doctor. From 1995 to 2005, I worked in Pakistan as Registered Medical Practitioner. I was working in obstetrics, gynecology, and internal medicine. Being the first medical doctor in my village, people from my village came to me for medical advice and I was helping them by providing good health care.

After working in different government hospitals, semi-government hospitals, and private clinics, I began my own clinic, "Iqra Clinic". "Iqra" is the name of my eldest daughter. My patients were mostly women of middle- and lower socioeconomical backgrounds. Mostly they came to me for problems related to their reproductive health but they also had complex bio-psycho-sociale problemen. I had attended to the complexity of their problems. I am very thankful to God for my work experience in Pakistan.

In 2005, I came to the Netherlands to join my husband. Initially, I was happy to get some rest from my hectic routine in Pakistan. But within 2 months I started missing my work, my patients, and my income.

I had no idea that I am a migrant now and I have to adjust myself in many different dimensions. I found myself very powerless and limited in many ways; ranging from everyday communiaction in the Dutch language to understanding the diversity of different cultures around me. I was unaware of the fact that I am on a path of re-discovering and re-inventing myself.

When I came to the Netherlands I already had two kids and in 2007, I was blessed with my 3rd daughter. I was busy learning the Dutch language and getting myself recognized as a medical doctor in The Nederlands. I had to face many setbacks and I had to get up again and again.

In 2013 I again obtained a diploma of Master in Medicine at the Free University in Amsterdam. In the Netherlands, I have worked as a medical doctor in mental health care, addiction care, and occupational medicine.

I guide people with complex physical, mental, and social problems. Love and compassion form the basis of my guidance. I'm curious about the person behind the complaint. For me, everyone is valuable with their own unique background, culture, beliefs, habits, circumstances, and life story. The treatment plan is also unique for each person with a special focus on increasing autonomy and inner healing powers.

My education:

2020  => Certificate, Klassieke Hypnotherapie (ECP), The Nederlands Academy for Psychotherapy, A'dam

2020 => Certificaat behadeling van Trauma, Trans, Dissociatie (TTD).

2020 =>  Certificate, EMDR-i, The Nederlandse Academy voor Psychotherapy (NAP) Amsterdam

2019 => Diploma, "Integratieve counselor" bij de NAP Amsterdam

2018 => Diploma, "Integratieve Coach" bij NAP Amsterdam

2017  =>  Certificate "Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, RINO Amsterdam.

2017 => Certificate "Transcultural Treatment Aspects" RINO A'dam.

2013  => Master of Medicine, Free University, Amsterdam.

1995 => Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (M.B.B.S) Rawalpindi Medical College, Rawalpindi, Pakistan.


My registrations:

- KVK nummer: 72230312

- btw-id: NL002451832B18

- BIG registratie, basisarts: 69916899501 

- AGB-Code (zorgverlener): 90107917

- AGB-Code (IQTESA PRAKTIJK ): 90066988

- Zorgsoort: Integrative Coaching, Counseling en Therapie / Overige therapeuten en Complementair en Aanvullende zorg.

- NOBCO erkend integratieve Coach 

- NOBCO erkend integratieve Counselor


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