Long Live Palestine

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If you are like me who gets disturbed by the murder of innocent human beings due to brutality of other human beings, who in their arrogance and grandiosity just can't stop with killings, then this blog is for you. Despite doing brutal killings, still they think that they are the innocent victims. If Palestinian people are not innocent then the people against their right of survival are also not innocent.


As we all know for 75 years, the humans of Palestine are facing the worst oppression in the history till today. Their oppressor is disproportionately powerful, cruel and has support of the most powerful nations of the world. Due to this immense power and unconditional support, the oppressor is getting all the rights to commit genocide in Gaza. The oppressor enjoys the support of the majority of the world. Whenever the oppressors want, they can stop food, water and elektricity to Gaza and open the bombardments. Gaza is closed from all sides. There is no law and no justice. The only justice they get are the bombardments. 


The people of Palestine can't eat, drink, and breathe without the permission of their oppressors. They desperately need freedom!


Today is the 25th day of the recent escalation between Israel and Palestine, and thousands of bombs are being shed on Gaza. Gaza has turned into a big ravage. The number of deaths is more than 8000 but the exact number is not known. The aim of the oppressor is to force the people to migrate and to leave the land or to face the death. The rest of the world is supporting this injustice either openly or by remaining silent.


At the same time, look at the persistence of the people of Palestine. After every 3 - 4 years, they arise from the ashes of bombardments. They arise again and again. They have proved that with help of huge and disproportionate power, one can win a land, but not the courage. Palestinians have this courage to stand up for their right to freedom, and existence. 


There are thousands of stories buried under the ravage in Gaza, which once was a beautiful city. People might think that once buried, Gaza will be out of sight and out of mind. Don't forget, they are buried alive and they will remain alive in the spirits of their friends and enemies.

Once buried will not be out of sight and out of mind!


Don't forget, they are buried alive!


From the ashes, they will arise again!

People say that when cruelty exceeds to an extreme disproportionate level and you lose everything. Then you have nothing to lose anymore. At that time the belief in yourself and your creator gets stronger. When someone is in a powerless situation, where there is no security, no food, no water to drink, no roof over head, no medicines, no family to be worried about, and no one who cares. At this point, life or death does not make any difference. Survival is spiritual. Their bodies may die soon or later but their spirits remain strong and living because they have got a meaning of their survival.


The people who are suffering in Gaza were not lazy, characterless, and cruel who deserved these crimes of war but they were hard-working with good social and moral norms and values. They were professionals, doctors, engineers, teachers, soldiers, and much more. They know that if they survive they can build their lives again and if they die, they are dying for a reason. Freedom!


  • Their bodies may be forced to die or they might be forced to migrate to another country but their spirits remain in Palestine.
  • The blood coming out of dead bodies gets absorbed into our mother earth and migrates to other parts of earth via invisible tunnels. How many tunnels will you eliminate?
  • The terror that their babies were facing, will migrate to the newborn babies of their enemies via the vibrations in the air and the sunlight who are witnessing this cruelty. How can you stop these vibrations from the spreading?
  • The air in Gaza contains less oxygen and more smoke, dust, toxic chemicals, and the last breaths of dying children, men, and women. That air will migrate everywhere and will deliver these feelings of fear, angst, powerlessness, and desperation to your loved ones.Can you stop this air from spreading with your bombs?
  • The water that the dying humans can not drink due to your decisions, will one day be stuck in your throats. That will be the day when you will finally die and while you will be drinking your last sip of water you will remember that you have deprived millions of humans of this last sip of water.
  • After all, in this world, everything goes in circles, like an oxygen cycle. What you create today, will for sure come back tomorrow, maybe in another context and another form.


People who died today are free. They preferred death to a life of slavery. May Allah show mercy upon their souls. Ameen. According to their belief, they are martyrs and a martyr lives an eternal life. You can't take their belief away from them.


The people who win today are still captured in their fears. They are fighting a war against their fears. This is the worst strategy to combat your fear. So they are destined to carry on in life with heavy minds, carrying the burden of all these deaths. Maybe they have not seen the dying people and they don't want to see and hear about the misery of the humans in Gaza. Maybe Gazans are like insects to them. They may feel more empathy for their pets and animals than for humans of Gaza, whom they called "human animals".


In their arrogance they dont even recognise Gazans as human beings but they call them "human animals".


The oppressor may know all the techniques to be free of inner healthy guilt. But their inner self knows how bad they are doing.


To deal with any possible guilt they keep portraying themselves as the victims. They say that they are the victims of the attacks of Hamas and victims of the Holocaust. They say that, "Gazans should make Humus and not Hamas". But they don't realise that their injustice has forced peacefull humus making people to make Hamas. Hamas is the name of their movement of freedom. No wonder you project your terrorism on Hamas.

I think, that only comparison to Holocaust hier is Gaza vs Auschwitz. World powers, who were responsible for the cruelty of the holocaust in Auschwitz, are now supporting Israeli's, to do the same cruelity to another group of human beings, which they now call human animals. Muslims are forced to live in Gaza. They are forced to live concentrated in Gaza. Once victims of holocaust are now perpetrators in Palestine. Every 3 - 4 years, the people of Gaza/Palestine have to face extreme bombardments. Every time they get a disproportionate loss of lives and properties. They get badly punished for their wish to live in a free and independent country.


Palestinian Life Matters

My dear Palestinian brothers, sisters, and children, you have the worst ruler in mankind because your ruler is portraying himself as an innocent victim. At the same time, your suppressor calls you a human animal and is not willing to sit with you and decide matters peacefully with you. So you are not an equal human being in their eyes.You are here, sitting on the ravages of your houses, hungry and thirsty, and devastated by grief. Indeed, you are not equal human beings to your rulers. You are much above them in the levels of patience, persistence, and humanity. Your belief in yourselves is like a light in the dark. And like a fire, you emerge again and again from the ashes of your destroyed houses, wounded bodies, and broken hearts. They could not destroy your spirit. They don't talk with you because they can't see the truth in your eyes. In your eyes, they see their faces that are stained with the blood of your innocent children.


People of Palestine, be proud of yourselves as you don't have that blood of mankind on your hands and faces. We are with you. Our prayers are with you. Humanity is proud of you. Kind hearts of the whole world are with you. The injustice done to you is not hidden from anyone. You exposed the masked faces of the current world powers. You have hope and courage to make your way even if the price is your life. You know that this life is mortal but your courage is immortal and will always be remembered. Today your persistence, patience, and positivity are needed to heal the world.


I wonder why the superpowers of today's world are not able to sit and talk with Palestinians as equal human beings with equal rights. What is stopping them?


  • I thought maybe it was fear. I look into the words used by the allies of Israël in support of terrorist activities of Israel. On thing was common, that they were supporting the fears and concerns of Israel. That's why they let Israel go for a long and complex war to deal with their FEAR in place of talks.  Why do they want to support Israel in all its fears? And allowing them to kill innocent humans because of their FEARS. Franklin D Roosevelt said, “All we have to fear is fear itself”. And so all we have to deal with is to deal with our FEAR. Your fear in inside you and you are fighting with others in the outside world. In place of getting inner and outer peace after recognizing and accepting their fears, they choose to go to war. If our world needs freedom, rest, and joy of life then we should stop nourishing our FEARS and start working on mutual respect, trust, and love for each other regardless of our color, race, religion, and nationality.    


  • It can also be an addiction to power. An addiction to possessing more power with the support of world powers, having modern weapons, and a heartless attitude.  There is joy in enjoying more power with more human deaths and enjoys the feeling of being a power that decides the fates, life quality, and death of people who are less privileged and supported.


Viktor Frankl wrote in his book, "Man in search for meaning",

“Everything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of the human freedoms—to choose one's attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one's way".


Palestinian has chosen to die in their land or to get freedom. Ieder you can accept their right or you can show your brutality. Don't forget that there is an ultimate superpower. Death is not final revenge. Death is freedom and transformation. Palestinians have to face death, sanctions, powerlessness, and grief. Are you happy by oppressing Palestinians and achieving victory at this cost?


Allahu Akbar

To Allah we all belong and to Allah we will return



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