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Psychotherapy is healing work. It is the healing of our painful parts with love and respect. Trust is the base of our therapy.

If you are wondering whether you need coaching or therapy, then schedule this free-of-cost appointment today.


Face-to-face Consultation:

Aim of every consult is to assess and re-aases your problem, challenges and obstakels. Every time you set a step forward and look for new solutions by building new strength and activating inner healing.   


The number of consults depends on your own personal growthaims.

Right form first cosult you experience grip on your problemen.

PS: If you have paid please send an SMS to telefoon nummer:0031644321873.

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Online Consultation:

Online consultaions are very effectief and therapist can impliment a lot of tools online.  Many therapy techniekes can also be implimented online. These consultations offer you solutions if you are living far away or you experience limitations in travelling.


You get a zoomlink after planning online session. We have special attention for your privacy. We give you advice to sit at a safe place in your house where you can talk easily about your problems.


The aim of the consultation is to evaluate, understand and transform your wounds, challenges, and obstacles into your strengths. Every time you set a step forward. You look for new solutions. You build new strengths and you activate your inner healing powers.   


PS: If you have paid, please send an SMS to telefoon nummer:0031644321873.and you will get an appointment within a week.

Trauma Parts Re-integration Therapy

If there is a history of childhood trauma and deep-rooted learned behaviours  and no matter how hard you work on your personal growth you find yourself stuck in specific areas of your life then you need a different type of approach for different persoanality parts.


Just like our body has many parts and all of them are doing their crucial function. We are not aware of all these parts but if there is any problem in the physical body then we may have pain or other discomforts. Similarly, we have psychic and emotional parts. Normally we are not aware of them and they are doing their work without problems. But if something needs your attention, you may suffer from symptoms worrying, headache, body aches, sleep problems, nightmares, lack of concentration, and lack of interest in life. These symptoms can get worse and you may suffer from relationship problems and may get suicidal ideas and tendencies.


In "Trauma Parts Re-integration Therapy" you are guided according to your own tempo. You become aware of your trauma parts, and you heal them at different levels of your consciousness.


Book een online of face-to-face diagnostic consultation in order to decide de soort and the duration of your therapy according to your personal problems, situation, needs and wishes.  

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