Dr. Anjana Singh

I followed online hypnotherapy sessions led by Shazia to help me overcome emotional turmoil caused by a burn-out. The sessions were highly effective and I felt better after the first session already. 

Shazia's experiences of living and working in the Netherlands as a highly skilled migrant professional helped 'us' in finding a healing path together. I would highly recommend her sessions, knowledge and passion, to those struggling with the numerous aspects of a burn-out.

Mevr. Kulwant Singh

Since 1 year I am under treatment of Dr. Shazia. After an ugly traffic accident in 2016 I had to recover from complex physical and mental trauma's. 

I was extremely afraid of losing my loved ones. I went to many  psychologists but I could not feel easy with them. When I began with Dr. Shazia I felt a deep connection with her. She really understands me. I learned to think differently. I feel much better after the sessions.

Dr. Areeba Kamran

It was a good experience to work with Shazia. Shazia's motivation and confidence supported me a lot and I learned to learn from failures. Shazia helped me to broadened my vision about work in Nederland. I learned how to manage study and work along with my family and house chores.

Result was that I was not upset and I was not afraid of failure. I always thought my Dutch is sufficient. Shazia is polite and helpful not only to Pakistani people but to others as well.


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