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€ 750,00 € 600,00

You get a free session after 4 consultations. This makes that the costs of 5 consultaions is 600 euro's instead of 750 euro's.

8 weeks online program with tailor-made guidance, individual feedback and online modules


Our body has many parts and all of them are doing their own crucial function. We are not always aware of all these parts but if there is any problem in the physical body then we experience pain and discomfort in the whole body.

Besides our physical body, we also have psychological and emotional bodies. Normally we are not aware of them and they are doing their work without problems. But if something needs your attention, you may suffer from problems like worrying, headache, body aches, sleep problems, nightmares, lack of concentration, and lack of interest in life. These symptoms can get worse and you may suffer from relationship problems and may get suicidal ideas and tendencies.


In "Trauma Parts Re-integration Therapy '', you go through a process of becoming more and more aware of your trauma parts. With the help of tools and techniques, you heal your trauma parts. The result is that your emotional wounds get healed and you can enjoy your private and work life.

In this programe you get

- 8 x weekly online sessions,

- E-learning and video training

-Practical guidence in daily challenges.

Normally 8 online sessions cost you 8 x 100 = 800 euros.

If you go for 8 weeks training. You just need to pay 1 x 699 euros.

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